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My mother is in a nursing home in Harrisville Michigan. She dropped her dentures and broke a tooth. The entire staff was in her room trying to find the broken tooth, but it must have fallen into the heat register or something. Anyway it never turned up. My brother, Rick, went to visit and called to tell me about it. "We have to do something," he told me. "I can't stand to see mom looking like this." He was planning to take a few days off and take me up north to see about getting her to the dentist to get her plate fixed. I went online and called several dentists in the area. They could not help me with the problem. Then I found Dr. Gregg Resnick DDS in Alpena. He said he could fix them and have them ready by the next day. I had our friends, Shirley and Tom Harmon, pick up the plate and take it to his office. The doctor called me (I live over 200 miles from where my mom is). Dr. Resnick was concerned that he might not be able to grind the tooth properly and that my mom wouldn't be able to chew properly. You see he was under the impression she had a full set of dentures and didn't realize that she had some lower teeth. He told me that although the tooth was broken mom would not have a problem chewing with it that way. "But, we do have a problem," I told him. "My brother can't stand to look at her with that broken tooth." He sighed and said, "Let's do it then." I could have hugged him through the phone. I promised him that if mom had a problem chewing that I would bring her handicap van and get her to his office the next day. Well, mom got her plate today. She ate dinner and said that she could chew just fine. I have Dr. Resnick to thank for this. He did me a favor and it worked out just fine. I wish there were more dentists like him. He and his staff gave me 5 star service.

Sandra C.

My name is Brad Boehm. I am a local physician in Alpena, Michigan. I had an erosion problem with my teeth that made them appear yellow and deformed. I went to see a cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, Georgia. The repair work to my teeth including veneers was over $70,000. I came home very depressed. While at a routine cleaning I discussed this with Dr. Gregg Resnick, my new dentist. He formulated a treatment plan that was identical to the plan from Georgia at less than one-third the cost. I am sure the cost in Georgia included partial rent payment for the mansion the clinic was located in.

I chose to have my teeth fixed by Dr Resnick and I truly could not be happier! During the treatment process minor adjustments were made. This required a quick end of the day visit to see Dr. Resnick instead of a day or two wasted flying to Atlanta. My family and friends comment all the time about my teeth and how I smile so much more. I would recommend Dr. Resnick to anyone who wishes to improve their smile.

Dr. Boehm

I first met Dr. Resnick 20 years ago when referred by a friend for emergency care. Now Nancy and I are thankful he has been our dentist ever since. We think of our appointments as going to an office where we will be treated as friends, not only by him, but also by the staff.

Dr. Resnick is always calm, patient, encouraging and knowledgeable in dental care. His staff reflects his demeanor. Furthermore, he is an interesting guy.

He is always interested in patients as individuals outside of the office. I remember telling him of impending surgery and later he called me at home to encourage and wish me well.

We recommend him to all our friends.

Robert and Nancy Sloan

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Gregg Resnick for nineteen years and are completely pleased with our dental care. Dr. Resnick and his professional staff are concerned not only with our dental and oral health but our general health as well. We have appointments with Dr. Resnick twice a year and always look forward to our visits. Our friends can’t believe we enjoy going to our dentists. They haven’t experienced the warmth of a friendly and concerned dental practice. We highly recommend to you the practice of Dr. Gregg Resnick.

Fred & Arlene Smith

Dr. Resnick has been my dentist for twenty two years. In 1991 I was in Alpena shopping and my dental bridge broke. I remembered seeing a sign for his dental office on Chisholm Street and I went there. I was very upset because when we retired North we retained our long-time dentist in Ypsilanti. Dr. Resnick assured me he could build me a new bridge. He did and it fit perfectly, no problems, and showed me how to floss and keep my bridge clean. I decided to try this new dentist; I liked his work and he was conveniently located near home. I have never been sorry.

In 2006 at a routine dental cleaning he diagnosed oral cancer in my left jaw. He referred me to a doctor in Gaylord and he confirmed the diagnosis. I had my surgery at the U of M in Ann Arbor. Due to many radiation treatments I lost saliva and then started losing my teeth. Dr. Resnick extracted the remaining roots, suggested I use Biotene tooth paste and mouth wash to help with dry mouth. He made me a mold for dental get that I insert over my teeth each night for a few minutes. He is helping me retain my remaining teeth as long as possible. I was lucky to find this wonderful conscientious dentist.

E. Medor

I had a gap between my front teeth and he put porcelain laminate veneers on them to fill the space. I am so happy with the results. He has a down to earth disposition. I usually panic at the dentist, but I was relaxed. I have switched to him as my dentist. He is so recommended by me. Thank you so much Dr. Resnick for giving me chance to smile happily!

Y. Nielson

Dr. Resnick is an excellent dentist. He excels in his skills. He is caring and compassionate. He has done extensive work in my mouth. I am happy with the outcome; I can smile again. Dr. Resnick called me at home to see how I was doing after oral surgery, a gesture unheard of these days. It showed me how caring he is.

Dr. Resnick has a professional and calming chair side manner. He explained all procedures clearly and answered all my questions. I have been to a lot of other dentists and not gone back because of bad experiences. Dr. Resnick is now and forever will be our dentist. He is the BEST. I highly recommend him.

D. Hopps

Dr. Resnick and his staff are all very kind and friendly. They explain what they’re going to do and talk you through the entire process. His hygenist, Melissa, is extremely friendly and gentle. No complaints at all.

L. Sauer

Honest and caring, you will not find a better dentist anywhere. Does an excellent job at providing comfort and service. Great staff too.

In the many years we as a family have been patients of Dr. Resnick, we have found him always to be professional, skilled, pleasant, accommodating and in short, everything anyone could ever wish for in a dentist. He and his staff relate well to children, reluctant patients and outright cowards by always explaining in plain English all procedures and options, and even offering to numb gums for cleaning if necessary.They receive exceptionally high marks with regards to my philosophy that “half the medicine health care professionals dispense is their compassion and bedside manner”, and as a result I no longer dread going to the dentist. This practice comes with my highest recommendation – why would anyone ever want to go anywhere else?

L. Beyer

Without a doubt, the best tooth puller ever! No need for pain killers after the anesthesia wore off. An excellent experience that just continues through ongoing treatment.

T. Clayton

Sixteen years ago, when my daughter was 4 years old she unfortunately had quite a few cavities. I brought my shy little one to see Dr. Gregg and his staff. With gentle conversation, professionalism and in a calm manner her cavities were taken care of. Since that time I have trusted my family’s dental health care to Dr. Gregg. From routine appointments to braces and wisdom teeth removal I have never, ever, been disappointed. I believe Dr.Gregg is an asset to our community and I feel truly blessed to have him as my family’s dentist.

M. Garant

"I am so glad I came to you for my orthodontic needs. It was a wonderful experience and it has changed my life forever. You have given me the ability to feel good about my smile, and I will always be grateful! Thank you!" -

Tabitha Wilks